2007 Photo Gallery




2007 Photo Gallery

Another good year.  The girls keep growing and will be starting third grade this year, where has the time gone. 

We spend Christmas in Delray again and went back down for a few days in March.  We finished off the kids March break with a stop at the Nick Hotel in Orlando, we all had a great time. 

Back at school after the break the girls finished out the year with honors.  School let out May 15th and the girls went right into swim team at the Rec.  They had a great time and made some new friends. 

Tiffany, Andrew and Pippa came in at the end of June and spent a week with us on their way around the world.  Aunt Sara and Nicole really enjoyed having their big sister and their niece around for a while.  So did I.

Swimming ended for the girls on Friday July 13th, on the 15th they left to visit their cousins in New York.  They were home for a week and then we all headed to Kiawah.  We all had a great time in Kiawah and are now getting ready for school to start.  The girls and Sue head back to school on August 13th.

Seth went back to Iraq for another tour but arrived back in the States on Friday August 3rd. 

Matt is still in Memphis doing his IT thing. 

Tiffany, Andrew and Pippa are still living in New Zealand.  Tiffany and Andrew both received their Doctorates this Spring and came in to see us in June. 


I know that this was from last Summer but I could not resist. You have to admit it is a good picture of them.

Seth is back in Balad flying again. He loves the flying but will be going to law school when he gets back to the States in August.

Back down to Florida for March break. God the water is great. Spent a few days with Ronne and Kevin then went to "THE NICK HOTEL" in Orlando.

Sara realizes that we are going to stay at the Nick Hotel. She was extremely excited.

Nicole as we drive into the Nick Hotel. The kids never wanted to leave. Even to go to Disney for a day. They just had too much fun where they were

Sponge Bob prepares breakfast.

The girls love Chuckie and Chuckie loves the girls. Let me get my gun.

I found a new girlfriend. Angelica is a bad girl.

I finally get a nap while the girls play at Nick. Life is good. Sue and I actually managed to spend some time together without the girls.

One of two waterslides at the Nick Hotel. This along with two pools and lots of activities really kept the kids occupied.

Vacation is over and back to school. Nicole did the 5K at Hunters Bend. For a kid with asthema she is a runner.

The rodeo came to town in May. We took Ronne and Kevin one evening and had a great time. Ronne had never been to a rodeo before.

Headed for the Rodeo one night when Ronne and Kevin came to visit. Sara wanted to ride a real bull.

Nicole would not let Sara out do her. She needed her ride as well. Rodeo's are lots of fun. Ronne would not ride the bull.

Both of the girls finished out school with the Principals Award. They made great progress this year. Hunters Bend has been a wonderful experience.

Sara still loves to dance. She will be doing it for her third year this Fall.

Nicole's favorite place to go on a good day. She really loves the zoo.

A hot day at the Nashville Zoo in May. Just right for some icecream. Chocolate is Sara's favorite.

Pizza is Nicole's favorite Zoo snack.

Well we finally gave in and got a beagle for the kids. Young dog 8 weeks old. It is going to be an intersting Summer.

Sara and Lizzie. Sara has no fear and Nicole has gotten over her's.

The girls started out the Summer swimming on the local FAST team. They had a great time and made some new friends. Great little swimmers.

Tiffany, Andrew and Pippa came in for a visit late June. Pippa loves apples and cherios. It was great to have them around for a while.

Pippa, her mother and her aunts. Pippa, Sara and Nicole loved being around each other.

Grandpa and Pippa in the pool. This kid takes to water like a fish.

"Let me go! I want to swim." Pippa loves the water.

Pops and his little swimmer. She even got me in the water.

All the swimming just put Pippa out. Wish I could sleep that well.

Thanks for the dew cap dad, it is really hot in Nashville.

The old man, Tiff and Pippa.

Nicole loved having Pippa around.

Sara also enjoyed having Pippa around.

Nicole and Sara rest at the counties.

Nicole did very well at the county meet.

The heat took it's tole on Tiffany, Andrew and Pippa at the Franklin Street Fair.

The girls went to Grandma's to see their cousins. Playland was a must stop with Maya and Brendan.

Nothing like the Log Flum on a hot day.

Slide slide slide. Oh what fun we had.

We even got to spend some time at Badger. Thank you Ruth. A short week but lots to do and lots of fun.

Well I grew my "Old Man" beard for Kiawah. No one likes it.

Sue loved the time at the beach, that is our new sun tent.

Sue and Sara loved their time in the waves.

Nicole builds her castle in the sand.

The girls loved the waves at Kiawah.

Sara had fun on her raft.

Nicole also had a great ride on her raft.

I had just as much fun in the waves as Nicole did

Mike and his skim board enjoy the beach.

A windy afternoon for Nicole.

Nicole and her sand castle.

Sara starts her sand castle.

Even I got into building sand castles.

Mom and Sara had a great time in the water.

The girls loved the waves.

My three girls haveing a ball at the beach

Dodi also enjoyed calm waters and the raft

A great pool as a break from the beach.

Paul and the girls in the pool.

Dodi found a good book to read at the pool

The beach club at Kiawah

Not having a beach in Tennessee the girls love Kiawah

I know they are all talking about me. A dinner together at Kiawah

Mike has something to say. I wonder if he will get it out.

Dodi and Sue dig in after a hard day at the beach.

Mike is thinking about dinner. He wants Tony's meatballs.

The girls loved making a Mike sandwich

A Paul sandwich.

A twins sandwich.

One of the club houses, not too shabby

A few bunkers make for a challenge

Mike and Nicole work the pump at the water park.

Ms Nicole in one of the local shops.

Nothing like a good strawberry soda for Nicole.

Sue and the girls walking back from the beach.